What is Shopify and why you should choose Shopify for your online store development?

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Whether you are just starting a new online store or bringing the offline to online to grow your business

Why you should choose shopify?

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Easy To Use:

Shopify backend user experience is quite easy you can easily manage your products, your can run your newsletter, you do not have to worry about hosting, you can easily manage the inventories from your store.


Your store is secure by shopify inbuilt security, you do not have to worry or concern about the security for your online e-commerce store.

Advance Built In Feature:

If you choose shopify over other platform you will get your hands on more advance feature such as high speed hosting, in built newsletter support, in built support for abandon cart management, in built support for customer notification, you can also run offers on specific collection. It also supports wide range of payment providers and shipping partners.

Large collection of themes & apps

With the use of wide range of themes you can customise the layout and design as per your need, With the wide range of apps you can add wide range of features to your store like browser notification, Whatsapp integration, Instagram integration, Shipping integration, FOMO banners, Trust banners, Free shipping notice, Sales popup, Upsell Products and many more.

SEO Friendly

You do not have to add additional app or plugin to increase the shopify seo data, Shopify Is quite seo friendly and while your products and images it allow you to add meta tags, title description for your page, product as well as it also provide you alt tag functionality for your image, It will also generate a dedicated sitemap for your Store and as your site will be hosted on high speed server you will get boost in SEO.

Deep Insights:

It will give you deep insights so you can easily know how your site is performing, how much sales you have made and it will give you detailed report!

Sales Channel:

It will connect with multiple sales channel like Facebook, Instagram shop, Google Shop, Mailchimp so that you can easily run your campaigns through shopify backend.

Want to setup your online store?

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