The Spellbind's Process

How we work

This is inquiry phase, So in this part of the process we get an inquiry from our client.

In this part of the process we make an hour long discovery call with our client in which we understand the client’s needs & requirnment properly. Once we have proper understanding of the project we then suggest a completly customize plan to our client.

Once we agreed on discussed price & terms with our client, We send a proposal to our client. If client approves and make it official we move to the next phase.

In this part of the process we create & suggest moodboards and designs and themes to our client. Our client will have 3-5 options to choose from, so that it will be easy for us to understand the design requirnment. Once client approves we start designing the project. Once the design is approved we move to the next step.

In this part of the process, we start development of the project as per the approved design.

Once we are done with the development, we move to the testing and refinement part here we make sure that the developed website doesn’t have any design or Development bug and make sure it looks proper in all the sizes and not have any issues.

Once we are done with in-house testing we ask our client to go through the design and ask them to send their feedbacks.

Once we are done with all the clients feedback and issues and everything.

We handoff the design / website to our client and make sure to complete everything from our end.

The Spellbind