Your blog should be good piece of writing. Whenever you  start writing as a blogger, you type anything/everything comes in your mind. But this may work for some people with good english vocabulary and good sense. But we at the spellbind follow below rules while writing the blogs.

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Think Before You Write

Think carefully about the message that you were going to serve with the blogpost. What do you want to tell to your readers, Subscribers, which is the problem that you want to solve with the blog post.

Is there any specific purpose of your article. What do you want to tell to your readers at the end of the blog post?

Write down answers of all the questions! before you begin your wrtiting.

Make A Structure Of Whole Blogpost

Start your post by creating structure each post should have :

  • Introduction
  • Body where actual post is wrtten
  • Concusion

Write down your summery in this section once you are ready with the structure now you begin your real writing

Add ALT tag and Title and Description to all the Images

Once you are done with the structuring thing it is time to select the images for your blog post.

Make sure you select relevant images for your blog post and always make sure of following things while uploading any images on your site.

  • Image size should be below 500kb
  • Image should be properly visible and serving the purpose of your blog
  • All Images should have alt tag, title tag and description relevant to your blog post.

Always do make sure you follow this rules while uploading image on your blogpost.

Use Featured Image

Each time you upload a blog post make sure you are using one image as a main image.

If you are using platform like WordPress make sure you use this main image as a featured image in your blog post and yes as mention above do not forget to add title tag, alt tag and description to your image.


Those days are gone days when high price client search you via newspapper or listing radio ads.

Your potential customers search you on a google or any other social media plateform.

And when a person search on google for your listed product or service your website appear.

That will help you in getting more and more business.

Good Use of Paragraph

Everyone use paragraph but not everyone use that perfectly, Do not start each sentence in new line, yes it looks good and spacious but there should a logical reason for starting a paragraph. Each paragraph should it’s own reason and idea or a subject. Ask yourself what’s the idea of this paragraph whenever you starting the new one.

Good Use of Heading

Heading is use to structure the whole page so use them whenever you are writing bigger post don’t just use lots and lots of paragraph but use heading to structure your blog. Heading also helps google to grasp the main topic of a long post and that’s the reason why it helps your post to rank in google.

If you want you readers and people to find their way make sure you use sub headings as they scan your blogpost through the subheadings and clarify themselves with the blog. Also these subheadings are helpful in your SEO.

Add Inbound Outbound links SEO

IF you are writing blog on related topics which you write earlier make sure to add the inbound link to the existing blog. Make sure you add related post at the end of your post.

Also if you are talking about any specific topics which uses third party software tools or anything always do make sure that you outbound link to that third-party tool .

Use content driven single words in your Blogs

Always do make sure that you use words like “Finally”, “First”, “indeed” etc in your blog post.

As single words like these gibe your use a signal and reader get in the flow with the use of these words.

While writing make sure you are connecting with the user, use should feel he/she is talking to some person while reading your blog post. Words like these helps a lot in making connection with readers.

Optimise length of your Blog Post

Make sure your blog/article have at least 300 words. Make sure to use 300+ as google like long article, BUT ALWAYS DO MAKE SURE YOUR ARTICLE IS TOOOOO LONGGGG as it may scare the user out and the user jump out from the article. Make sure you don’t bore your readers with tooo long and boring article.

Add Post Regularly

Regularly posting article tell google that your site is alive so make sure you add post regularly.

Do connect with the your reader ask them what he/she want from your article. Connect via socials and ask them for content ideas so that they feel connected with the blogs.

Do not post too much as the user might get bore with the similar content post 2/3 post per week or post weekly.

Use SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank MathSEO

If you are using WordPress platform you should use a plugin like yoast seo or rank math seo

as this plugin help you with following things:

  • Key phrase
  • MetaTitle, Meta Description, Keywords
  • Readability
  • Internal & external links

Use Social Share

If use social share at the end of the post or at the top of the post.

This will help you to get more reach as if someone likes your post and want to share it they can easily share.

And with the help of it you can reach out to as many people as possible. So always use social share.


The days are gone when few tips help you rank on google, Nowadays quality and the content is the king. A good content also leads more link-share, tweet and returning visitors. So make sure your blog post has a good content and solving the problem of your audience.

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