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Meet Kashyap & Ekta

The Spellbind is a Creative Agency based in Surat, India. Which helps entrepreneurs and small business owner to reach more and more people with the use of Website & Branding.

The Spellbind was founded by Kashyap & Ekta in April 2020.

We love working with clients across the globe. We don’t directly give packages to our clients.

First, We get on a call with our client, We understand their requirements properly and understand the scope of the work that needs to be done over a call. Then we provide a completely customized solution to our clients.

This way, it’s easy for them and easy for us to understand what is the scope of a project and how they can grow their business as a brand!

We don’t only create websites and logos or we don’t only give our services to our clients but we help our clients to build their own business, their own brand.

We help them in building their business as a unique brand that stands out and shouts loud from the current market competition.

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